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Areas of Interest

  • Inclusive schools

  • LGBTQ+ safe spaces for students and staff

  • Anti-Racist pedagogy and abolitionist teaching

  • Going gradeless or mastery-based education

  • Developing caring classroom communities

  • And more...

Resume Highlights

Workshops & Professional Development Given

  • Over 500 teachers trained

  • Topics: LGBTQ+ Student Support, Transgender Student Support, Inclusive Classroom Practices

  • Workshops are flexible, interactive, and tailored to the needs of each group

“I'm sitting here listening and have tears in my eyes because he is able to open people up, and is educating all of us. I have never been prouder to be a part of this district. Thank you for seeing the need and acting on it and bringing forward an opportunity that our staff hasn't had before.”

"You inspired me today to be a better leader, a better person, a better educator, and to continue my belief that we need to continue to educate the whole child, and allow our children to be confident in who they are and know there are people who love them for the person they are."

“You are EASY to listen to; you have a way of just connecting in an honest and charming way. It is clear that you are speaking from the heart and I can't imagine anyone walking away from this without feeling empowered to better support our kids.”

  • Developed & piloted multiple courses in Creative Writing & Game-Based reading & math interventions

  • In collaboration with other teachers, reshaped the 9th grade ELA curriculum & classroom structures into a gradeless model

  • Experience developing thematic units & project-based learning opportunities for students k-12

  • Queer-Straight Alliance founding faculty advisor

  • Developed & facilitated LGBTQ+ Safe Space training for school staff


If you're interested in having me speak, present, attend a panel, etc., about any of my areas of interest or accomplishment, please contact me!

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